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Reasons You Should Get Your Gas Boiler Serviced Once a Year

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So how long have you been using your boiler and haven’t dine a servicing yet? Long time? Well, it isn’t the right thing you are doing though. The boiler keeps your home warm during the winters and makes your home a cozy and great place to live in. But you must take care of the health of the boiler too for various reasons. You and your family’s safety is the most important thing you need to keep in mind and putting your boiler for servicing is the first step to your safety. Here are a few reasons why you need to put your boiler for servicing annually—

  1. Because safety – Safety is the most important thing you should keep in mind. Gas boilers produce a few things which are not environment friendly. One of them is carbon monoxide. It is a dangerous gas and although you cannot smell or see it, it can be fire threatening. This is why you need to do an annual boiler servicing.
  2. To reduce your fuel Bills – If you get your boiler serviced by a qualified engineer annually, he will definitely make sure your boiler works perfectly and efficiently for another year. This will definitely save you a lot of money on your fuel bills and cut your business or your home’s carbon footprints.
  3. To keep a Check on your Warranty – When you keep servicing our boiler, you keep a check on your warranty period. Again, a lot of boiler manufacturers have conditions where you have to keep doing servicing of your boiler by a qualified engineer in order to keep the warrantee going. And above all, if you don’t do servicing of your boiler and in case of any home damage done by an un-serviced boiler, then you may not even get home insurance.
  4. When you are the Landlord – If you are the landlord, you must keep servicing your boilers. It is the law. Along with all the boilers you must also keep an eye on your all gas appliances in your property. Do not forget you must take care of your tenants while you are taking care of your family. It is your responsibility.
  5. A boiler servicing takes hardly an hour and you must consider checking on your boilers time to time by qualified engineers. “Accolade Plumbing & Heating” provides you some of the best boiler services along with emergency boiler repair in Surrey BC.

    Book your boiler appointment now and make your home a safe place to live in.



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